Дерсу Узала / Dersu Uzala / デルス・ウザーラ / Dersu Uzała

Dear Friends of Dersu Uzala!
Thanks for mails with other sides of the world!
Please, don't be passive! You can create the site of Dersu too!

On example:
- sand your comments, ideas, critics..., but please write in simply words, like spoken Dersu,
- You can give a informations to other amateur of Uzala,
- You can write a impressions with the movie or the book,
- lets help realize not only my dream,
- translate texts with the page to other languages,
- sand fragments of the book in other languages and scan of illustrations,
- give post on news in your country about this site,
- write link to site of Dersu with your page or same catalogs,
sand subtitle to movie of Kurosawa, if not exist on this page.

Please, lets do something for popularization of Dersu Uzala!