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Animizmoduhotvorenie the nature. The sky, the ground, the rivers, lakes, mountains, a taiga, on presentation of Siberian peoples, have been occupied by every possible spirits. Nanaians prayed to them that spirits helped them in a daily life. If someone was ill, addressed to sorcerers and shamen.

Caen - warmed earthen plank beds or a floor under which passed smoke courses of the furnace. The vertical pipe of the furnace costs outside near to a wall. Caen was applied at Siberian peoples of Amur and Sakhalin. It is borrowed at Chinese and korejtsev.

Narty - easy wooden sledge of peoples of Siberia in olenej or dog uprjazhke.

Shamen - the Siberian sorcerers and doctors. Shamen could be and men and women. SHamansky gift was handed down. "Big"/mean, the strong / shaman had buben. The nanaian shaman had a special skirt, koftochku, a special cap, a belt with metal suspension brackets, the spirit-assistant as mythical bird Koori. At nanaians existed totemistichesky a cult of a tiger and a bear, they trusted, that it is their mythical ancestors. Dersu Uzala counted the ancestor of the Tiger and named it Amba.