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Nanaj, nani - the self-name of people, in translation " the local, local person " means.     Goldy - the out-of-date name of nanaians. Number of nanaians in territory of Russia - 12 thousand person. Live basically in territory  of Khabarovsk territory on the river Amur, in Primorski Krai and on island Sakhalin. Nanaians speak in nanaian language, writing on the basis of Russian schedules. In Orthodoxy they are inverted in Х1Х a century, however have kept traditional beliefs - animizm, shamanizm.

The main traditional employment - fishery which was combined with hunting. A fish extracted the year round. The surprising originality of nanaian traditional culture/as well as all Amur peoples / will consist in wide use of the processed fish skins for manufacturing clothes and utensils/see ris./.Nanajskie men were able to do all for  the facilities: fished, hunted, constructed dwellings, did boats, narty, hooks, spears, ornaments, networks, traps. Women fished, when men left on hunting, dried meat and a fish, processed skins of animals and leather of fishes. SHili from them and also from fabrics headdresses, clothes and footwear for all family, produced berestjanuju and wum utensils. Traditional vehicles - narty, boats, skis. It was used dog  uprjazhka, each family held till 10-12 draught dogs. Clothes - halatoobraznaja, from a fabric, the fish leather, rough suede/ровдуги/. The food basically has consisted of a fish. Religious beliefs: animizm and shamanizm. Nanaians had sports, dances, songs. Nanaians have rich folklore. Nanaians decorated all things a rich ornament.

Now nanaians live, as all Russians, go in purchased clothes. Traditional things are kept only at elderly nanaians  and in museums.