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V.K.Arsenev/1872-1930/was  born in Saint Petersburg in family of the railway employee. It has ended infantry junkerskoe school, but dreamed to become the researcher-traveller. It was fond of geography of the Far East and in 1899 has received a long-awaited direction in edge Ussurijsky. Here it has remained to live, the most part of a life has lived in Khabarovsk, leaving therefrom on expedition. V.K.Arsenev has had time to make much: it was the geographer, the topographer, the ethnographer, the archeologist, the historian, botanikom, ohotovedom,   has died in 1930 of a pneumonia during expedition to the Bottom Amur.

During civil war White Guards called it to leave the country, on what it has answered: " I - Russian. Worked and work for people. There is no need me to go abroad ".

Having learned Dersu, V.K.Arsenev has got acquainted with culture of nanaians/before them named goldy / which it respected and did not dare to concern to it scornfully.