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       In Khabarovsk with impatience for returning V.K.Arseneva waited. A  well-deserved reward to the traveller became the Highest decree from March, 17, 1907 about rewarding St.. Stanislav's by its award of 2-nd degree.  Meanwhile official duties nobody removed from shtabs-captain Arsenyev, and  it in the chapter of the hunting command of 23-rd East-Siberian shooting a shelf has gone on rekognostsirovochnye works on slopes of ridge Hehtsir. Trip was short, and V.K.Arsenev again has returned to drawing up of the report of expedition to Sikhote Alin on April, 7, 1907 it with shine has read in Priamurskom branch of the Imperial Russian geographical society the report on results of expedition on Ussurijskoj to a taiga.
     The plan of the following expedition across Primorski Krai has soon been authorized. She was continuation of the first and included the same tasks: first of all, militarians, and at the same time and scientific.  Arsenyev began to select carefully to itself of satellites. To go with it to new travel its former assistant A.I.Merzljakov has agreed, * with which was caused to go as the civilian laboratory assistant its  brother.  To become botanikom to expedition the teacher of the French language Khabarovsk the column of the Muraveva-Amur military school of N.A.Desulavi which possessed quiet character that is important in a campaign has solved. Arsenyev's one more satellite became the student of the Kiev university Peter Petrovich Bordakov who has recently arrived to Khabarovsk. " It was the person very much brought up, formed, equal and tactful and extremely diligent. Among all participants of expedition P.P.Bordakov has left about itself the best memoirs, " - such characteristic was given by Arsenyev to the young man after returning. Except for these people nine participated in expedition strelkov. Unfortunately, N.A.Palchevsky at  this time was at odds with V.K.Arsenyev and has not joined it on new travel.
     Certainly, Arsenyev would like, that in expedition participated and Dersu Uzala. It has sent Vasily Zaharova's arrow to look a conductor in a taiga.  Surprisingly, but arrows has quickly enough found Dersu in one fanze near to natural boundary Anuchina. V.K.Arsenyev has met the friend already in a train when all group went from Khabarovsk to Vladivostok.  To travellers has carried: from Vladivostok in area of expedition torpedo boats "Terrible" and "Silent" were sent. They also have delivered group to a gulf the Dzhigit. New, 1908, expedition has met in " heart of edge Zaussurijskogo ". Not time travellers suffered famine and deprivations, but research have been successfully lead in full. At the end of January, 1908 expedition has returned to Khabarovsk.  Together with Arsenyev in its house has lodged and Dersu Uzala.
     " The wood person " could not sustain long a city life and with arrival of spring has asked for leave at "captain" in a taiga. In two weeks after its departure V.K.Arsenyev has received the telegram from familiar - the chief of railway station Korfovskoj I.A.Dzjulja: " the Person sent by you in a taiga, is found killed ". Arsenyev at once has understood, that the question is about Dersu Uzala. It has rushed to a way. Unfortunately, the train has come on station late, and it was necessary to spend the night at Dzjulja.
     Arsenyev so recollected day of farewell: " At daybreak I have a little dozed off, and immediately strange dream has dreamed me: we - I and Dersu - were on any camp in a wood. Dersu coordinated the kotomku and gathered somewhere itti, I persuaded it to remain with me. When all was ready, it has told, that goes to the wife and after this it was quickly directed to a wood. To me it became terrible; I have run behind it and have got confused in a labrador tea. Have appeared pjatipalchatye leaves of a ginseng. They have turned to hands, have seized me and have tumbled down on the ground. I have poorly screamed and have dumped a blanket from a head. Bright light has struck to me in eyes. Before me there  was I.A.Dzjul and shaked me for a shoulder.
     Hours per nine mornings we have left from the house. The end of March was. The sun stood  highly in the sky and sent bright beams on the ground. In air it was felt still freshness of night frosts, in particular in shadow places, but already on a thawed snow, on water in streams and by a cheerful, celebratory kind of trees it was visible, that the night cold cannot already intimidate anybody. Small tropka has led us in a taiga. We have gone on it long and almost did not speak between myself. Kilometer through one and a half to the right of a path I have seen a fire and about it three figures. In one of them I have learned police police officer.  Two workers dug a tomb, and near to it on the ground someone's body covered with a bastmat laid. On footwear familiar to me on legs I have learned the dead man. 
       - Dersu! Dersu! - has involuntarily escaped at me from a breast.
     Workers is surprised have looked at me. I would not like to give vent at strangers to the feelings; I have departed aside, sat on a stub and was gave the grief.
       The Earth was frozen; workers thew its fire and chose that it was possible to grasp a shovel. Minutes through five to me police officer has approached. It had such joyful and cheerful appearance, has precisely arrived for a holiday. Whether therefore, that on the life it had to clean the thrown corpses much, and it has got used to be unaffected to this work or because buried someone unknown "foreigner", only on a look I have understood it, that  it will especially not be engaged in search of murderers and is going to be limited to one report. It has told to me, that Dersu have found dead about a fire.  By conditions, it, probably, have killed sleepy. Robbers searched at it money and have carried away a rifle.
Dersu Uzala
Dersu Uzala

     Hour through one and a half tomb was ready. Workers came to Dersu and have removed from it a bastmat. The solar beam which has broken through dense needles has fallen to the ground and has lit up the person of the dead man. It has not changed almost. The opened eyes looked in the sky; expression was such as though Dersu something has forgotten and now endeavoured to recollect. Workers have transferred it to a tomb and began to fall asleep the ground.
- Farewell, Dersu! - I have told silently. - In a wood you were born, in a wood and have finished calculations with a life. "

Amir Aleksandrovich Hisamutdinov

Vladimir Klavdievich Arsenyev

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