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"Hope "


Vladimir Klavdievich Arsenyev
(1872 - 1930)

You, the new passenger of road,
Look in a window and do not forget,
What is the mountain spurs
And back running windbreak,
The rests of a virgin wood-
Arsenyev proceeded on foot,
That you have passed here the express train.




With 1900 on 1930 on the Far East the known researcher, the traveller - the naturalist and writer Vladimir Klavdievich Arsenyev worked.

For 30 years of the indefatigable activity of V.K.Arsenyev has executed a number of the large researches devoted to studying of various areas of the Far East, and has published 62 works scientific, popular and literary - art character. From them the most remarkable - " On edge Ussurijskomu " and " Dersu Uzala " became extremely popular and loved at wide layers of the Soviet readers that while it is impossible to tell about the Russian readers, mainly because during the newest time Arsenyev's works are not issued, and old pre-revolutionary and Soviet editions became a rare book.


"... Second lieutenant V.K.Arsenyev has submitted on January, 10, 1900 to the commander of 14-th Olonetskogo a shelf, billeted in Lomzhe, the following official report: " Wishing to continue service in one of the remote districts, I ask your petition for translation me in one of infantry parts Kvantunskoj of area or district Priamurskogo ".

On the young officer have requested the characteristic. In the sent certification it has been written: " 1. A moral estimation - excellent. 2. Service qualities: it is executive, duties of the clerk polkovogo court knows well. Rotoj to oder about it is capable and prepared. 3. The general conclusion about qualities - oustanding ".

As the shelf was a pity to the commander to lose the executive officer, in three days on Arsenyev's official report the resolution has appeared: "... I Solicit under the maintenance ".

In the summer of 1900 dvadtsativosmiletny Arsenyev has appeared in Vladivostok. Later it wrote: " Looking back back, in the past, I see, that I was accompanied with a happy star and a lot of accidents which then seem fine and not having value, only now, having kept away in time for some tens years, these cases appear somehow logically connected with each other and make a single whole, led me roles of researcher Ussurijskogo of edge ".

16 May, 1903 the army lieutenant, the commander of the konno-hunting command of the Vladivostok fortress, has been elected by the full member of the Society of studying of the Amur edge.

There will be time when V.K.Arsenyev's name will start gleaming in lists of honorary members of tens societies, both domestic, and foreign, but then, in the beginning of a century, vojdja in the first scientific organization,  it with a head has left in its cares and affairs ". 2

Vladimir Klavdievich Arsenyev was born in Petersburg, in 1872, in family fine zh/d the employee.

Since childhood it dreamed of travel and opening, with amazing persistence it prepared for far wanderings. An enthusiastic example for it were P.P.Simeon's oustanding travellers - Tjan-SHansky, N.N.Mikluho-Maklay, M.E.Grum-Grzhimajlo, N.M.Przhevalsky.

1892 - acts in infantry junkerskoe school where listens to lectures of known traveller Grum-Grzhimajlo. Direct dialogue with it has finally defined young Arsenyev's life.

1896 - served in Poland, simultaneously achieving translation into the Far East. " And here my dream has come true " - it wrote - " I have left to the Far East, my heart faded with pleasure in a breast ".

1900 - the young officer-topographer has arrived to Vladivostok where held a post of the chief of a serf hunting command. Here it starts to get acquainted with edge of which so long dreamed.

1902-1903 - keen on passion to researches, Arsenyev uncontrollably aspires to penetrate deep into edges, in novel still places.

1904-1905 - within the russko-Japanese war it the chief of the hunting command (investigation).

1906 - under task Priamurskogo of a department of Russian Geographical society organizes scientific expedition for research Sihote-Alinja, a shore from Olga's gulf, verhovev the rivers Ussuris and Big Ussurki. This travel is most full described in the popular book " On edge Ussurijskomu ".

1907 - is undertaken expedition which continues the interrupted research of central part Sihote-Alinja and coastal territory of Primorski Krai. On materials of these researches will write so the book grown fond to readers " Dersu Uzala ".

1903-1910 - new expedition the longest, heavy and at the same time the most remarkable on scientific value is organized. It is organized Priamurskim by a department of Russian Geographical society. The route of travel covered extensive territory of the deaf person and almost absolutely unexplored northern part Sihote-Alinja.

1910-1911 - goes to Moscow and Petersburg where gets acquainted with Semenovym - Tjan-SHanskim, Anuchinym, Kozlovskim, etc. Gets popularity as expert Ussurijskogo on edge.

1911 - director of a study of local lore museum in Khabarovsk.

1911-1912 -  makes small expeditions in Ussurijskuju a taiga for studying ancient ancient monuments. As a result of processing the received material writes about the most ancient history of edge Ussurijskogo (chzhurdzhenjah).

1913 - an interesting meeting with the known Norwegian polar researcher and scientist F.Nansenom.

1918 - conducts active pedagogical activity at Far East university and the Vladivostok pedagogical institute where it select the professor of faculty of study of local lore and ethnography, simultaneously reads lectures in public universities.

1921 - works in the Vladivostok museum of the Society of studying of the Amur edge, manager. A department of ethnography.

1918-1923 - studies an extreme northeast corner of coast of sea of Okhotsk: Kamchatka, Commander islands and pool of average current of Amur, revealing not only geographical, but also economic value of these places. From expeditions brings the richest collections on archeology, ethnographies, ichthyology, ornithology, entomologii and so forth which sends in various museums of the country: Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Moscow, Petersburg, Kazan.

1924 - cause it to Moscow on a  question of the organization of fisher on the Far East and creations of the Joint-stock Kamchatka Society, later it advises government agencies on ordering zverobojnogo a craft. " For local authorities you not the person, and klad for you know and can help with an explanation of the most confusing questions " - the former president of the Academy of sciences of the USSR V.K.mosquito wrote.

1926 - prepares for conference on scientific studying, use and systematic development of natural resources of the Far East.

1927 - undertakes last big travel on edge Ussurijskomu, a route: Sovgavan - Khabarovsk, with the purpose of revealing opportunities of settling and economic development of northern areas of Primorski Krai.

1930 - having left in a lower reaches of Amur (area of construction of the railway), was ill and has returned to Vladivostok. Here on September, 4, 1930 Vladimir Klavdievich Arsenyev has died.

It is buried on the Sea cemetery of Vladivostok.

In 2001 the monument on its tomb is plundered by vandals: "sovkami-metallistami". It is restored already without metal elements.

A.M.bitter's letter to V.K.Arsenyev

Dear Vladimir Klavdievich,
I read your book with prevelikim pleasure. Not speaking about its scientific value, - certainly doubtless and large, I
am keen and have been fascinated its graphic siloju. You managed to unit in yourselves Brema and Fenimora Cooper, is, believe, not a bad praise. Gold it is written by you perfectly, for me more alive figure, than "Pathfinder", is more art. Sincerely I congratulate you.

Certainly, I shall be glad to receive the second edition of this wonderful book from the author, but besides I you ask to tell to " Book business " that to me have sent two more copies. It - for familiar which took from me the first edition and as have fallen in love with the book as I.

Why you do not suggest the State publishing house to issue this your work? Its importance as is conclusive, as well as beauty.

At you, it is probable to eat photos, the book could be illustrated. Think, what fine reading for youth which should know the country.

I send you the book. Good luck.

A.Peshkov    24.1.28 Sorrento

Elite from  the book " In a jungle of edge Ussurijskogo "

In winter evenings 1918-1920. Arsenyev, reading the travelling diaries and recollecting the strannicheskuju a life in a Far East taiga, has written two books: " On edge Ussurijskomu " and " Dersu Uzala ", subsequently shown in one volume " In a jungle of edge Ussurijskogo ".

Arsenyev has written these books as forwarding reports and in the foreword to them has specified: " the Present work offered by me to readers, is the popular review of the travel undertaken by me in mountain area Sihote-Alinja in 1906. It comprises geographical descriptions of the gone routes and a travelling diary. "

During one of expeditions, to 1902, in sources of the river Lefu, it has met golda (nanaian) Dersu Uzala. This meeting has played a huge role in Vladimir Klavdievicha's subsequent activity.

Dersu Uzala was the original pathfinder and the first person who has opened secrets Ussurijskoj  of a taiga before Arsenyev, telling about habits and habits of birds and animals, about customs, beliefs and a life orochej, goldov, udegejtsev and other nationalities of the Far East.



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