Дерсу Узала / Dersu Uzala / デルス・ウザーラ / Dersu Uzała

In Jaimy Gordon's preface to the "Dersu the Trapper" we can read:

„Malcolm Burr (1878-1954), born near London, a soldier in the Balkans in World War I, geologist, entomologist, Slavic linguist and intrеpid traveler, author of The Insect Legion (1939) and In Bolshevik Siberia (1931) among other books, was an ideal translator for Arseniev, and his graceful version of Dersu the Trapper, which has been out of print in Еnglish for over fifty years, is a recovered classic indeed.”

Yes, Burr was very competent man to translated Arsenyev's book. His translate is fine and wise. From the beginning the book is very friendly for English language readers. But on the other hand Burr translated with any strange "fantasy". In chapter I Burr translated Dersu's "моя" as "me". In next chapter translated "его" as "he", "наша" as "we" and "ваша" as "you". But suddenly Burr changed mind and start sometimes translate good: "его" as "him" and "наша" as "us". When Arsenyev and Dersu meet second time (page 99 in Dersu the Trapper McPherson) we read:

"Me come Tadusha not long," he explained. "My hear four captains and twelve soldiers at Post Olga. My think better go there. Today see one man. Now understand."
Моя недавно Тадушу пришел, - говорил он. - Моя слыхал, четыре капитана и двенадцать солдат в Шимыне (пост Ольги) есть. Моя думай, надо туда ходи. Сегодня один люди посмотри, тогда все понимай.

Why Malcolm Burr did not translated right all the book? I don't know.

And second. Burr translated Dersu's "люди" as "man". I think better is write "people".

In "Dersu Uzala" University Press of the Pacific Honolulu, Hawaii we cannot read who translated the book. In this no name translation Dersu say "I, you, he..." like everybody.

"I came to the Tadushu," he was saying, "and folks told me four captains and twelve Cossacks were staying in Shi-min (the Olga Post). Must go there, I thought."