Дерсу Узала / Dersu Uzala / デルス・ウザーラ / Dersu Uzała

My Dream.

"Every Life is a Word of God."
The Life of Dersu is the Word peculiar.
The Word about friendship on life and dead.
The Word of unique wisdom.
The Word about love to every "people" - all the world.

Years 2003 - 2008 is 100th century of this Word.
Lets celebrate the century in special way!
My dreaming about new publish Arsenyev's book:
- with better English translation speak of Dersu,
- with the historical pictures of Dersu,
- full illustrated of the beauty of Ussuri,
- with texts of Dersus (Dersu's fans),
- with fragments of movies and others materials on DVD,
- and in final... with love!

Please, help my realize this dream!

My, Mariusz Kwiatkowski
Poland, Chorzów,
Valentine's Day 2005.