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Gru '05

Krokodyle i tygrysy

Ci, którzy oglądali dziś (piątek, 16 grudnia, TVP1) zabawny film o Łowcy krokodyli być może – tak jak ja – zajrzą na Obrazek pochodzi z Mówi sam za siebie. Kraj Przymorski (Ussuryjski), tam gdzie żył Dersu to ta różowa duża plama w prawym, górnym rogu.
Ze strony:
The tiger is a triumph of evolution; it has taken millions of years to adapt to the beautiful, awe-inspiring predator we have today. Once roaming over nearly one fifth of the earth’s land, the tiger has been pushed into small isolated islands of habitat, often surrounded by a sea of humanity.

“How many tigers are left in the wild?” is a common question asked at Australia Zoo, and to give an honest answer – nobody really knows! Due to their elusive nature, accurately counting tigers is very difficult.

What we do know is that the tiger is on the brink of extinction. In the last sixty years we have lost three sub-species of tiger. The Balinese, Caspian and Javan tigers are gone forever. Just 100 years ago it is estimated that there was over 100 000 tigers in the vast forests of Asia, today it is possible that fewer than 5000 remain.

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